Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas 2008

I may have had a very busy few weeks but nothing was going to stop me from putting up my Christmas decorations. I have always gone overboard with them and maybe this year, I haven't excelled in that department, but the place certainly looks festive.

After the hike I mentioned just previously, I had left the safe warm atmosphere of the restaurant to walk along some woodland pathways looking for fallen branches that I could decorate. I only grabbed a couple because it was so cold and windy and managed to force them into my small two door car without breaking off too much.

The tree takes pride of place by the back door and I have to confess I spent more than I should on baubles for it. I never suffer from guilt when it comes to buying Christmas decorations and have spent countless hours cooing and aahing over anything sparkly and glittery in the shops. I'm one of those people who starts stashing away bits and pieces for the tree in August as soon as the shops stock them.
And then of course, once the decs are up, it's time for the portraits.

This was Kota last year, obviously not too happy with his outfit.

This is Kota in this year's outfit, looking a lot more relaxed and taking it in his stride. I think he liked the hat of his Christmas Elf outfit. He was actually purring as he strolled around and didn't once try to knock the hat off. Below, he was happy to lay still and actually look as though he was pleased to be in the photo. Merry Christmas to you all!

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

LOVEEEE the Christmas pictures. The tree is awesome. I too am in awe of anything sparkly! hehehehheheh

Love ya!