Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rainy Lanes And Sundays Never Get Me Down

Saturday and Sunday were both forecast as very wet, very windy and downright miserable as far as weather was concerned so I made no effort to get out of bed in a hurry but instead relished looking out through the window and watching the rain pelt down. But the cats insisted on having their breakfast served at a reasonable time and so I had to get up before 8, which was OK, because as soon as they were happy with heads in bowls I made myself a huge mug of tea and ran back to dive under under the still warm covers.
But unable to sit still for too long I got up and headed out for some retail therapy.
These derelict cottages in The Plains had a skip to one side of them so concerned about the possibility of their demolition I snapped a photo in the rain.
Stopping for fresh eggs as advertised, I ended up having a tour of the farm and meeting all the animals who had been brought in from the rain and were in warm stalls, including, horses, llamas, sheep, goats and bunnies. The chickens were outside but had their hutch to shelter in.
Then a stop at one of favorite stores, Home Goods to roam around. I couldn't think of a single use for the sawdust candles. Candles for men? Couldn't imagine any guys lighting these in their garages or workshops out my way and commenting on their gorgeous scents while standing with friends clutching a bottle of Bust Head beer. I nearly got the pepper sauce but then remembered the unused bottles of similar contents in my cupboard at home, and as for the tea, I know the saying originated in England but it's really been overworked in the U.S. I didn't even bother to check if the tea was English. But I did find a fabulous pot for the patio that I really needed and a garden ornament that I simply couldn't live without and so I left happy. Photos of those will appear in a later blog when said patio has been prepared and filled with pretty things.
On the way home I left the car for precisely 15 seconds to grab this photo of an old store but still managed to feel damp on the drive home. It was nice to get back to a dry warm home and a lovely guilt free lazy evening was spent indoors.
I woke up on Sunday to fierce winds buffeting the house. Branches whipped against windows and rain thrashed in waves against the glass. It was a couple of hours before it subdued a little and then I wanted to fetch a few ingredients for a beef stew. I wasn't long at the supermarket and so didn't want to rush straight home. Instead I decided to explore Bust Head Road, the lane after which our new local brewery was named. There's a couple of theories about the name. One was that the old tavern that used to be down the road was called Bust Head, another was that bust head was the term given to how one's head felt after a night in the tavern, or that is what happened to one's head if one tripped after a night in the tavern. There's even talk of an old hog that lived down here with the name of Bust Head because he butted folks. I'm happy to believe any of them, it's such an awesome name for a brewery.
There was no paving on the road so I had a great time slooshing through the numerous puddles and sliding on muddy inclines. There are few houses down here, it's a desolate lane but a Roland Farm seemed to dominate the way with numbered and named gates opening from the road.
Obviously a horse lover's lane as I spotted a few harnesses and leading ropes hanging from the trees.
Back at Meadow House the rain continued to pelt down and the winds were still high. So after throwing my beef stew ingredients in the slow cooker I started a project which I've been meaning to do for years, at least 6. I gathered many of my urbexing mementoes and placed them in shadow boxes, one of which I've had for at least 5 years just for this purpose but never used. It's been moved about and dusted God knows how many times so it was wonderful to finally fill it. And there's still room inside to add a few more pieces.
I even hung them on the wall with some other bits and photos, and was rather chuffed with the final outcome. I need to frame some more photos and hang those before I'll be content but at least I now have an 'Urbexing Exhibit'.
The cats were glad when I finally sat down but I could almost hear them complaining that my lap wasn't big enough. The rain continued to fall and the winds continued to howl and batter the house through the evening and maybe much longer because they did a very good job of lulling me to sleep that night.

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