Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Biking with Bipanes and Bottles

On Saturday I drove back to Remington to restart the bike ride from last week. It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm with a brisk breeze. I set off, actively checking the road for any random pieces of glass that could threaten my recently repaired tires.
A cool gate emblem, would love to know the meaning behind it.
The Green Genie looking awesome. I'm loving the new taped handlebars and it glides like a dream.
On one of my brief stops as I took a photo of something that caught my eye, I looked at my phone app which I was using to plot my route and show me where to go. My phone had only 20% power left so I had to memorize the simplest loop route back to the car. It was very frustrating not being able to check the map but I needed to conserve the little power I had in case of an emergency. but it was also nice just pedaling along not worrying about checking a map.
I stopped at a country store in Elk Run, I think, and got some water. The lady owner was very chatty and had the most amazing collection of incredibly healthy plants on top of one of the fridges. The finest African violets I'd ever seen.
Further on my ride I spotted a lot of tents in the distance and wondered what the event was, until I got closer and ducked as a biplane swooped down over me. I had unexpectedly come across one of my favorite places, Bealton's Flying Circus, and the boy scouts were meeting there. I stopped and watched the planes for a few minutes, enjoying the free display, then carried on.
I guess a mail carrier lives here?
Near to Remington I got drawn towards this very American scene of a train and an old abandoned farm in the background.
The house was tightly boarded and padlocked up but I still had a nose around the outside and the outbuildings. I found these old bottles lined up, a Mountain Dew, a Sprite and a Pepsi, all with the names debossed on the glass. I was tempted to grab them all but had nowhere to put then, and they were too skinny to fit in my bottle holders on the bike. I have enough junk already so I soon moved on without fretting about not having them! Getting back to the car, I plugged my phone in to charge and worked out my mileage. Not as far as I would have liked to ride but a modest 24 miles. And I didn't ache so the legs are getting stronger. Roll on the next ride!

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