Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 4th of July in Sterling

On 4th of July, the Sterling crew all got together. We haven't done this for ages so it was great to catch up. Everyone's lives are so busy these days that time rushes by too fast and before we know it months have passed in between get togethers.It was nice to simply hang out without worrying about whether I was going to get to somewhere on time or how far I had to drive.
There were plenty of floating toys in the pool but no beach balls so unfortunately that became Max's new occupation but he flew through the air admirably and even managed a big grin after his tremendous efforts.
Max having a break from hurling through the air, with Peyton and Luke keeping him company. Luke is sporting an odd hairdo , a gecko or lizard shaved out of his blond hair and then the remaining shape dyed red. Debbie said it was to promote her salon. I suppose kids are doing stuff a lot earlier these days, so I'm assuming they also have young girls getting perms and highlights or extensions, none of which I would encourage on such young scalps.
Jim making a grand entrance into the pool. The kids love the huge splash he makes on entry and we all have to admit to being rather impressed. But maybe not Scott who probably has to top up the pool after each session!
Crowding round to make Smores while little Belle is held back by Scott. Dog paws are simply no good at holding marshmallows over an open flame.
Then it was down to some serious card games while Aston impressed me immensely with his shattered screen on his phone. I've never seen one break quite so spectacularly before and still work. Hurrah for iPhones!
I didn't take any photos of the food, far too busy devouring it to remember, but Kim and Scott united to make the best pulled pork I've ever had. BBQ is something I never choose to eat except beef tips from Willards, the only BBQ restaurant I will eat from, and pulled pork or chicken have never excited me. But this pulled pork had everyone in raptures, it was simply divine.Thank God they had the foresight to make so much of it as we all had seconds and we all wanted to take some home.
As the afternoon faded neighbors couldn't hold back and were soon letting off their fireworks. We watched theirs but held back letting off ours until it was properly dark. I think part of this was because we had some HUGE ones which I think came from WV.
We had the usual ground ones and even had some that could be held while flare like bursts of white pumped out from the end of a tube. I'd never held a firework while it was lit until now, it felt weird but enthralling. Aston had brought some fire crackers which came close to bursting a lot of ear drums, they were so loud. Jim was busy trying to unwrap one as Scott let a couple off right behind him. We were howling as Jim leaped into the air, clearly not expecting such a good friend to perform such a dastardly deed.It was hilarious.
We finished the evening watching Herndon's firework finale through the trees and then it was time to head back to Meadow House. I left having thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone again, getting plenty of hugs from all, and with some pulled pork in a container tucked firmly under my arm.

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