Wednesday, July 17, 2013


On Sunday I met up with Emily and Margie for a girls day out to see the sunflowers on River Road near Potomac, MD. While in the car Margie asked if I was sure they were in bloom and my heart stopped. I'd been so intent on sending them info,, directions and stuff that I hadn't even considered checking whether they were actually in bloom. that I had 'the middle of July' in my head but wondered if this information had come from when the lotus lilies bloom instead. I answered her that I sure hoped so and prayed for the sight of golden heads peeking over a hedge as we drove along. and soon enough we saw them, standing magnificently erect as though for our personal attention.
They were beautiful, in peak condition, and brought smiles to everyone's faces, although there were not that many folks out in the fields. A few serious photographers with all their equipment including one taking photos of a couple who had just got engaged. The day was very very hot and I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be any rain today. Every now and then a breeze brushed by but it was always fleeting and not that beneficial. We had to keep retreating to the shade for a few minutes in between shooting photos. The flowers buzzed with bees and other insects, none of whom would sit still for too long for a portrait shot, but constantly flitted from one bloom to another as though in heady excitement.

We visited about three of the fields and then had to call it a day, it was just far too hot, but we'd all managed to take a lot of photos. After those hours of shooting in the heat it was time for a late lunch and a beer. We drove to White's Ferry, grabbed a burger and fries, and sat outside under a huge shady maple tree, washing our lunch down with a beer and lazily watching the ferry travel slowly back and forth across the river.
The information for the sunflowers can be found here.

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