Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Return to Pohick Bay

Sunday was going to be another scorcher and it couldn't be better spent than on the water once again. This time Emily was coming with me to one of my favorite places, Pohick Bay. I haven't been for a couple of years and was absolutely delighted that it hadn't changed and still wasn't busy with hoards of people. A couple of other kayaks and a fishing boat were moving slowly in the distance.
Time for a cool refreshing beer! We sat amongst the lilies watching dragonflies darting back and forth and tiny fishes wriggled under the water.
We saw a few herons as is normal here, and the amount of fish we saw was incredible. I kept coming head to head with some huge chaps who sashayed out of the weeds gaping at me or just flcked past the boat. Baby fish were everywhere, it was wonderful to see how this place is thriving.
The water was crystal clear with every pebble and shell visible while the various kinds of weed looked like underwater forests.
Emily was as happy as me to just slowly and quietly work our way through the weeds and lilies, enjoying the nature and often just sitting to take in the sights and sounds.
We stopped for lunch up a creek and waded out to a concrete block where we sat watching the water flow past as we ate our lunch.
We stopped on one of the banks to stretch our legs noticing that the sky was getting darker. We'd heard a few rumbles around the bay but it did look now like a storm was heading our way.
I was fully prepared for another soaking, it was now becoming a way of life, but we decided to head back towards the dock just in case. We were going to paddle out to the deeper water when Emily was asked to return her kayak to the rental shop, the rangers were hauling people in off the water because of the impending storm. As I loaded up Big Red onto Stuart, the picnickers on the grass were packing up too. Everyone one was scurrying back and forth to their vehicles and we actually managed to get in the car and start driving before before the heavens opened with a flash of lightning. 
It was great to still be dry and even better that I've now got yet another kayak buddy. Margie has bought a kayak and Emily is looking into it now too. I can see some road trips in the near future!

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