Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flash Mob and Squonk Opera

As well as visual arts there were a couple of stages at the festival where local bands performed. I was impressed by a group of locals that 'flash mobbed' with a dance routine. I managed to video some of it on my phone and the link is here
They were having great fun with their performance and the crowd cheered loudly, but the entertainers I was most taken with were a group called Squonk Opera. They were playing as we left the bar and I had to stand and watch the rest of their show even though the rest of our group went on without me.
For some reason they reminded me of a Cirque du Soleil kind of group; they were unique, polished and as well as having very good vocals, they were all talented musicians who made a wonderful display of their performances. Their website is here
Once you've seen their past show photos or videos, you'll understand why I initially was reminded of Cirque du Soleil..
This piano rotated while she played it.
I filmed a short video of them which is here but there are quite a few on YouTube. I was mesmerized by them and wished I caught the earlier part of their performance. I shall definitely be looking out for this talented group in the DC area.

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