Friday, July 6, 2012

A Fishy 4th of July

It was lovely to sleep in on this wonderful day of American celebration. I laid in bed and finally had a proper look at my little book that I'd put on the shelf of my wall at Artomatic. It was full of support from friends and strangers and I thought I'd put up a few of the more unusual but wonderful comments.
 And the mobile from my wall, now hanging in a window.
I eventually got up and then made my way to Sterling to hang out with Debbie, Jim and the boys and Kim and Scott. We went first to the pool to watch Luke and Max have a swimming lesson.
They had an hour's lesson with Aiden and Luke working hard but Max was just really not that bothered about anything today. And his indifferent mood continued throughout the afternoon, bless him.
A whole bushel of crabs! And a big pile of shrimps too.
Tucking in! I'm not too good at this shelling lark and really don't like my fingers getting so mucky and sticky, so I had one crab and 5 shrimp then called it a day, leaving the hard core peeps to continue chowing.
The Lukester and MaxMan larking about. Can't believe how much these boys have grown since I last saw them. Enjoy Myra!
This was Luke trying to unsuccessfully say the name of a Chelsea footballer, Frank Lampard. He just couldn't say it right, so funny.
Scott proudly showing off his pile of shells but he wasn't done, he kept going. Everyone apart from me was very dextrous with their crab shelling skills and I have to say I was particularly impressed with Jim's speed and finesse. But I simply can't be bothered with it all. I like to take part and have a go but I have no staying power. Pass the crab cakes! So a bit later Debbie and I sat on the porch with a cup of tea and chatted, and then it was an early night for me. I got home before it was dark and saw the power had been out and that it had been raining. The storms continued through the night with heavy rain and the power cutting out once again so in the end I gave up trying to reset my clocks and just hoped I would wake up in time for work in the morning. I did. Boo.

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