Thursday, July 19, 2012

BBQ and Boys

On Sunday Jim and Debbie came down with the boys, along with Kim and Scott and Rob, for a little celebration for mine and Scott's birthdays. Scott's birthday has been and gone and mine is still a couple of weeks off but because it was our day we decided to make it a Chocolate Day instead. I had a wonderfully huge and gooey cake for us to tuck into.
Luke watching TV.
Max doing his Mr Crabs impression. And Jim looking 'not impressed!'
Scotticus is King of the BBQ.
We just managed to get the food off the barbie before the heavens opened. We'd had a short warning with a couple of thunder rumbles but then it poured down. We sat and watched the storm and Debbie was incredulous after seeing the best lightning bolts she'd ever seen. The house didn't get hit once so I think my pulling out that random antenna cable a few days ago paid off.
But we liked to pretend that the house had been hit and so we set up a few staged photos.
Scott smouldering afterwards.
MaxMan assuming his 'electrified' stance, and then the boys fooling around with Rob pretending they'd been hit by a bolt.
And then it was time for prezzies and the chocolate cake. Both Scott and I did exceedingly well and were extremely chuffed with our goodies, gift cards, pictures and a pussy cat ornament. And of course the chocolate cake was teeth sticking delicious. Kim had also made a chocolate cake so we were ecstatic that our favorite food was in such abundance.
The boys were getting a little restless and as soon as the rain stopped they charged outside so we all followed. The storm had lessened the humidity so it was nice to sit and watch Double Trouble in action.
They raced up and down the road. This is how Luke posed when I asked him for a 'cool' photo.
There was lots of tomfoolery, laughs and chatting, along with hoots from The Lukester and MaxMan. Jim spent some time playing football with them too. These guys are growing up so fast. If you look at them hard you can easily imagine how they will look as teenagers. They're both going to be pretty fine athletes, that much is already apparent. I knocked up a little video, click here.

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