Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photoshop World in DC

On Sunday I drove down to DC to enjoy lunch with an old friend whom I'd not seen for a couple of years. It was great to catch up and share some laughs then we wandered over to the Convention Center where we had passes to the first Photoshop World Convention in DC. I was pretty excited to see that I knew nearly every company represented here and it was great to see things up close and first hand.
This is the Spyder Pro stand, a monitor color calibration software that I use at work.
This printer seemed cool, no liquid ink or cartridges just a solid lump of a wax like substance that heats up to print very bright images. It sounded a bit like a 'computer to screen' process that has been adapted in the screen print world so when I enquired about print head blockages, I noticed his enthusiasm dampened a tad. Oh well, the machine looked impressive but I'll stick with my Epson.
I really enjoyed visiting the stands and listening to some of the classes. There were some great methods of printing on display but samples of anything were scarce, not like other trades shows I've been to. There was a lot of talent on display also.
 They had 'model studios' dotted around where if you could squeeze in you were able to experience what it was like to shoot images under professional lighting. Nice! I loved this steam punked dude who really threw himself into his role.
Obviously the girl model areas were crowded with guys so I was pleased I had my longer lens on my camera. My only problem was trying to shoot between other lenses, shoulders and heads. I would have loved to discuss those eyelashes with the model, they must've been very heavy.
I wanted to leave DC before 495 started clogging up with Sunday afternoon traffic so I left before the end of the afternoon. Back home I grabbed garden tools and bulbs and managed to finish planting 160 iris, gladioli and dahlia bulbs. I hope they manage to grow and that I haven't instead invested in some expensive squirrel food.
I then got out my Easter decorations and put those up, and then while the light was still good, took some more photos with my iPhone and lenses.
 This is a peacock feather using the macro lens.
I'm so happy that the dogwood trees are blooming. I've waited since last May when I first viewed Meadow House to see these again. They bloom right next to the windows of the house, it feels like the garden is coming inside. There'll be many more photos of these.

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