Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A 100 Years of Cherry Blossoms in DC

Friday morning started very early at 4:00am. Today would be the last day to get good photos of the cherry blossoms in DC as the whole weekend was going to be rain, rain and more rain which would knock the blossoms to the ground. It was also important to get down there before the bus loads of tourists came as swarms of other folks wanting to see this wonderful sight was inevitable. So the camera was clicking while it was still dark and I continued to take photos as the sun rose. There were plenty of other photographers down there and also Fox 5 were recording live from under the pink canopies, mentioning that this was the 100th anniversary of receiving the cherry trees from Japan. I used my Canon and also my iPhone with its new lenses and with the fabulous natural lighting I think I took my best blossom photos ever.
Here's a link to the history of the Blossoms.
I'm not adding any more narrative just lots of beautiful pink flowers. Enjoy.

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