Monday, March 19, 2012

Early Morning Sun at Meadow House

I was awoken by my murder of crows this morning at just before 7am. These birds are so clever, they now know that I throw out seed every Saturday morning so now demand it. They never do this on weekdays or Sundays only Saturdays and this morning the collective of usually 8 was now 10. They'd brought friends. I got up and went out scattering seed everywhere, gave Kota his breakfast and then settled back in bed again with a cup of tea and my book. I kept looking out of the window at my black buddies who were now cawing with delight. The sun had just risen and it was going to be a beautiful morning. The light outside was wonderful so I hopped out of bed again, grabbed my camera and went out with Kota trotting close behind.
The buds were bursting out from their branches and flowers were popping up through the damp soil. Cobwebs glinted with white jewels and every blade of grass had a tiny crystal of dew at its tip.

Kota and I walked about a mile through the fields. With me laying down to get a lot of my shots and with Kota's furry legs we were both pretty wet by the time we got to the fish pond. I noticed somebody had put some feathers and stones on the bench. I had no idea if it was an Indian symbol or a child's imagination but it was cool so I just took and photo and left it alone, making sure Kota didn't disturb it either.
We both trudged back up the hill to the house and went about getting cleaned up. Me to the bathroom and Kota to the rug in front of the fire. What a lovely start to the weekend.

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