Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Freezing Sunday with Jeff

Sunday was another freezing day and my friend Jeff came over so we could explore some more of Marshall together. We stuffed our pockets with hand warmers and set off to a local salvage yard which I'd spotted a few days earlier.
I'd fed the birds and was delighted to see a tufted titmouse by the feeder. Isn't he cute? We got to the salvage yard and walked down the railway line to gain access. There wasn't a great deal to see which was disappointing as I'd been hoping to see old cars or machinery stacked up but we were forced to be creative which was pretty tough with the freezing cold biting its way through our jackets. But we soldiered on.
 We took a few portrait shots of each other too, amazed that we didn't have glowing red noses in our photos. We soon scurried back to the car and then headed to a favorite abandoned house of mine that was built in 1910.
It was a relief to be indoors albeit a house with no lighting or heating but thankfully the air was still and no winds picked at our ears or lips. It was nice to be back here and take more photos. I love the lace curtains and old fashioned bedstead, the old fashioned wallpaper which reminds me of my grandparents' old house, and the old photos.
We were both engrossed in shooting our shots for quite a while and took more shots of each other, and for once I think I looked OK in mine despite being wrapped up with two hoods! Great job by Jeff. I love this old house and plan on coming back here again, I just feel there's so many more pictures to take of this old homestead. The house doesn't feel sad or neglected due to its abandonment but to me it feels like it wants more attention. I'm happy to oblige.

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