Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Sort of Snowy Sunday

On Sunday we woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground. Sadly it wasn't the 4 feet I'd been hoping for but nonetheless it still looked pretty and I soon hopped out of bed, donned some clothes and trotted outside with Kota in fast pursuit. He was very happy and boisterous this morning and bounded straight for the dogwood tree as soon as I'd opened the door.
 He charged to the top of the biggest branch, yowling as he did so, and constantly looking back at me to make sure I was watching and applauding, which obviously I did. He's definitely been putting some practice in. Gone are the days when he'd get stuck at the top of a tree or on a bough overhanging a river and I'd have to go rescue him. It's taken 10 years but whatever, he's a surefire superstar now! I clapped my hands enthusiastically and he beamed as he strutted and posed on his branch. He finally came down with zero hesitation and without putting a paw wrong then zoomed off across to the fence.
I walked across to The Lanes and took some photos before the snow melted which it was doing rapidly. Yet the thaw made some pretty images with droplets suspended from anything hanging, snowy branches, whiskery vines and bent grasses.
I was sad to see the snow melt, it was gone completely by 3pm. We've had one of the mildest Januarys ever so I'm pinning my hopes on February or March. Let it snow! Properly! Please!

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