Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowy Saturday

I was surprised to wake up on Saturday and find a winter wonderland outside my windows. The forecast had mentioned some dusting that would barely cover the ground but this was far more than that. The local weather cameras didn't show much snow in the vicinity so it seemed like we were in a different world. But it wasn't the 2 feet of snow that I'd been patiently waiting for yet it was still very pretty.
By 7:45 Kota and I were out the door, me looking for pretty vistas with my camera and Kota following very closely behind as he walked in every footstep I left behind trying to keep his paws dry.
The air was crisp, icy cold and very still, every bough hung laden with snow, grass crunched underfoot and it seemed I was the only person around. The woods by the house reminded me of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as they seemed endless, I almost expected to hear a sleigh bell tinkling through the thick mist that hung in the air. It was spectacular. The trees' silhouettes were beautiful with every twig and branch emphasized against the whiteness of the cloudy fog.
I walked around for about an hour before my frozen fingers started refusing to work. Kota had given up long ago and was waiting indoors so I joined him and cooked us an egg and bacon breakfast, mine with a hug mug of tea and his with fresh filtered water. The snow didn't stay too long, after another hour I could hear continuous dripping as it melted and by 2pm there were only a few small white patches under the trees.It was amazing how quickly it vanished.
I snapped a few photos indoors then I decided to charge my camera battery for Sunday. A trip to Warrenton rounded off the day.

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