Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Snow at Meadow House

I took Friday off and went to Robert's to load up the truck with my firewood. The skies at Marshall had been stormy the last few days setting off the vibrancy of my flowers wonderfully.
Beautiful oranges and pinks against a cloudy sky.
Of course I had to find Blackie and Sam to give them their now expected carrots and apples. They came trotting over when they saw me.
We got the van loaded and then headed back to Marshall.
It didn't take as long as I'd imagined to stack the wood but there sure was a lot of it. I had to move the grill and stack against the wall so now I have very little patio left but at least Kota and I will stay warm this winter. Then it was time for kindling. Using my old fire axe I chopped up small sticks and actually enjoyed the job.
Of course by evening the house was warm and cozy with Kota taking up his usual position on the rocking chair by the fire.
And by morning? Snow, and quite a lot of it. The trees across the field were barely visible and huge flakes tumbled down from a white sky.

Of course photos had to be taken, so wrapping up well, we went for a walk. Kota declined and I could have sworn that he had taken up the exact same position as the night before. Or had he actually moved?
By afternoon, we'd accumulated about 3" and I needed to get to the store. I was also suffering from cabin fever. I'd had a trip with Emily planned for that morning and was unable to go for fear of not being able to negotiate the hill in and out of Meadow House. I was restless and wanting to do something. The hill was not as bad as I'd thought as we headed for town and I hopped out at the bottom to grab my mail.
The town was pretty quiet but the snow ploughs were out and about. It seemed odd to see the pumpkins outside the grocery store lined up and all wearing little white caps. We loaded up with provisions, mainly vitally necessary snacks, and then drove back. I would have loved to stop longer and take more photos, I was enjoying the first snow of the season, even though it had brought chilly temperatures with it.
Boots drying by the fire.
The snow was still on the ground on Sunday so a nice hot dinner had to be cooked. Roast chicken with roasted potatoes and parsnips, stuffing, veggies and gravy. Accompanied with a napkin in a silver holder and a glass of red. Perfection! I didn't realize until I downloaded this photo that you can see the steam rising off of the food. 
So if this is my first taste of winter, snow, fires, home cooked hot dinners and wine with marshmallows and mulled cider laced with vodka,  fluffy slippers and cozy fleeces to look forward to, then bring it on!

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