Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Monday was Halloween so I went racing up to Sterling after work to go Trick or Treating with The Lukester and Maximus.
They were both dressed up as Iron Man. So cute!
Heather and Kylie getting some candy. Us adults hovered around the kids not just for safety reasons but fervently hoping a basket might accidentally tip and drop some tasty goodies to the floor which could then be sneakily retrieved and gobbled. Well, that was what I was hoping anyway.
Aidin's dad Denny shone his flashlight on to some of the kids adding a cool slant to my photos.
We trolled round the neighborhood and the boys' baskets were loaded, with me very close behind. Actually, Aiden, Luke and Max were very generous and each handed me a treat. We had to stop at the house and offload and then it was into Jim's car to stop at Ooma's house and then Kim & Scott's house.
Ooma with the Iron Men.
Kim and Scott's house looked awesome as usual and as we stopped and chatted it seemed that every kid in the neighborhood was making a beeline for their front yard. After taking more photos, it was back to the house and then home for me, with me remembering to pick up my eagerly awaited jar of marmalade made by Myra.
Back at Meadow House I had to then dress up Kota in his Halloween costume. This year he was a punk rocker. He was great and we managed to get a fab shot for his Facebook page but I also loved this one. His face clearly saying, just do it, just get it over with. Poor boy, I didn't have the heart to tell him we'll be shooting our Christmas photo together soon.

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