Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On Saturday, I went with Kim and Scott up to Maryland where Jim's family were holding a party in honor of his dad, Bits. He hadn't wanted a funeral or a regular wake so we were all to drink and be merry while remembering him. I took my camera but on arrival stuffed it in my bag. I have got so used to carrying the damn thing everywhere I go that sometimes I don't think, and today I felt it a little disrespectful to be snapping photos of family and friends who although under 'orders' to have a good time were nonetheless still very raw and emotional. It was a superb turnout with so many people that there simply wasn't enough chairs but everyone mingled just fine and a continuous slideshow of family photos rolled at the top of the room. I welled up a bit seeing some of the photos, Bits had such a dear kind face it's hard to believe we won't see it smiling again.
 I snuck in a couple of photos but soon gave up as they weren't very good and I had no interest in playing around with the camera. On the way home we popped into a wings place where Scott bought us each a slice of Chocolate Confusion to cheer ourselves up. I had a casserole in the crock pot cooking at home. I'd wanted to use up some old meat in the freezer so had ended up with chicken breasts, hot dogs and a load of vegetables thrown in. Scott called it a Hot Boobs Stew...
 It was  actually delicious and so was the cake.
On Sunday I still wasn't feeling particularly photographic but I went for a short walk with Kota. It seemed to be a weekend of goodbyes. Saturday saying goodbye to Bits and Sunday saying goodbye to all the leaves and autumn. The past few days had been very windy and the last of the leaves had given up their hold on the branches and tumbled into a thick crunchy carpet on the ground.
 I put up my tractor lights in place of the Halloween pumpkin lights and a last flower lingered on the patio.
 My new found surf board is propped up against the shed awaiting some snowfall while Kota plays in the leaves. A vibrant wall of colorful roses climbing up the barn.
And so this weekend ended on a rather glum note but there was a short work week ahead and Thanksgiving weekend after that so happy occasions to celebrate and give thanks for as well as the knowledge that many more happy episodes are just ahead. And I bet Bits is having a good ole time up there with my Dad...

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