Thursday, October 21, 2010

"You came through 'cause I almost said goodbye." Frampton '95

Friday afternoon rocked my world because Rob called. And later he came to see me. And we're back together. The distance is a huge issue but he thought we had something worth saving, and he was right. I'd never let go and he said he never went away. So now I am pain free and happy again, fervently praying the period apart can make us stronger together.
So not many photos were taken over the weekend and I'm not going into details about every moment, but Barb and I had planned to go down Gordonsville way on Saturday to drop into Jessie and Jim and also show her some of the sights, some abandonments and the flea market in Louisa, so we still did that. This house was on our travels... was Gordonsville Lake.

We also went into town to check out the abandoned building by the railway line.
Walking along the track Barb pointed out a Santa Claus toy in one of the windows which I assumed had been there for some years. We wandered around to the front of the building and I was surprised to see clothing on rails and some furniture out on the porch, and was then astounded to see that the building I'd thought was empty was actually very much in business as the Gordonsville Emporium. I had been so sure a few months ago that the building was vacant. We were glad we hadn't climbed in through a window from the back. Dammit, lost photo op, the owner's face would've been a picture!
We went to Rob's where Barb got to have a drive on the tractor and Rob let us go up the road and back on our own.
We finished the evening with steaks on the BBQ and beers and then we took Barb back home. We passed an old Citroen CV2 and noticed a world map with a route marked out was painted on the side. I did some research and found this. Give it a few minutes to load as it's translating from French. It's not up to date but is interesting. I also found the car's history here. We saw them heading south on Rte 29 so they were on route to Florida.
The next day Rob and I spent alone apart from some time chatting with Jessie and Jim. Well, I chatted with Jessie while Rob and Jim played with Jim's tractor. 
It felt right to be back with Rob and as well as a lot of talking, there were also a lot of laughs. Earlier on in the day, I'd helped Rob with some exterior painting. He was on the roof and I was on my ladder. I couldn't resist a dig. "So, you really thought you could've found someone on to climb ladders and paint your house then, did you?" I asked. Quick as a flash, he responded, "Sure did, she's over there," and nodded in my direction.
Walked right into that one then. We nearly fell off the house laughing.

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

I am glad to hear it Debby. Both of you seemed to enjoy doing a lot of things together. I hope things continue to go well! Love ya girl with all my heart! Heidi