Friday, October 15, 2010

Seagull Century Photos

Occasionally along the route of the bike ride we would see photographers crouching down by the side of the road. These took photos of each and every rider on the route and I'd foolishly assumed that we'd get a token photo sent to us as part of our registration fee. No such luck!
So I was sent a selection of 'proofs' from which I could select the ones I liked and pay an extortionate fee to have them printed and mailed to me. The cheapest 5 x 7 option was $13.95 for 1 photo. Stuff that, so here's the 'stolen' proofs that I thought were OK. They're obviously low resolution so not really worth Photoshopping but they're good enough to post up here for the sake of memories. All these were taken near the start of the race since I still have my sleeves on but the only one of me without sleeves is at the finish line.

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