Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall on the Water

Barb and I took advantage of a beautiful Saturday to get the boats on the water and see the fall colors. We drove to Bull Run Marina where we were lucky enough to find only a few others present and soon we were paddling into silence except for the sounds of nature. This is such a therapeutic past time, I could actually feel the stress from the week slide off my shoulders with each dip of my paddle.
 Barb chillin' on the water.

We saw plenty of blue herons and this one let us get quite close before he took flight. 

The leaves were spectacular and we were so lucky to have this breathtaking display to ourselves. The water was like a mirror doubling the beauty of our surroundings with its reflections. It still amazes me that in such a heavily populated area, so many people prefer to shop or just sit in their homes instead of getting out and enjoying nature's wonders.
Not us!

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