Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wheels & Wood

Yet another sweltering weekend down at Rob's and I huffed and puffed because we had to get up early on Saturday to change out Stuart's front brakes and rotors. Rob wanted us to start early to avoid the heat and although I could see the sense behind his reasoning, I SO wanted to stay in bed. We're heading up to New York August 8th for a week and wanted Stuart to be in tip top shape for the journey, plus his inspection was due by the end of July.
 So here I am getting stuck into the job, acutely aware that I'd had NO BREAKFAST. It's actually amazing that I'm smiling despite my most unfortunate conditions, being tired and hungry and all, but Rob had a camera in one hand and a whip in the other so I soldiered on.
 Really getting amongst it here but Rob gave me a bollocking because I had my leg under the car and since Stuart wasn't up on ramps, apparently this is dangerous. Well, a girl has to be comfortable, hello.
 And here I am nearly all done. Just got to throw the wheel back on and finito. Wasn't so bad after all.
 So now I have to come clean. I did nothing except push a brake pad on and open the boxes. Rob did the whole job but suggested I pretend I did it instead. Sorry babe, not stealing your thunder. You're the man! But you can be sure we went straight to the diner afterwards for a big breakfast!
 Kota did nothing to help either but did manage to look boofalls as he relaxed in a shady spot.
Even the cows were chilling. It was too hot for any action and I have to admit that I couldn't really muster up the energy to lift the camera a great deal. So nothing more to report for Saturday apart from a lazy afternoon and evening watching TV, drinking and eating. But that's what weekends are about, right?
Sunday was only slightly more active and I dragged my feet around the yard as Rob watered his pumpkins and sunflowers.
I managed to grab a 5 minute session of tractor watching but once again, the camera was just too heavy to hoist about. Then for some crazy obscure reason, we decided to chop logs. I think the sun had got to both of us but we thought it was a splendid idea and went over to the woodpile in the blazing sun.
Rob showed me how it was done and made it look completely effortless splitting the logs with just one slice of the axe. I was very impressed and was itching to have a go.
I could barely lift the axe let alone hoist it over my head but I got a few swings in. It took me about 6 or 7 goes to split a log but I thought I was doing OK until I looked at the photos.
I cut wood like a girl. Damn, and I thought I was doing swell. 
I decided to walk down to the cows and take some photos. I adore the pine woods and was pretty pleased with the way these photos came out. The cows were all hanging around the byre chomping on their hay so I walked across to join them.
This one, Sunflower?, was the closest so I gave her neck a rub. She promptly turned round and headbutted in the chest me nearly knocking me to the ground. Salvaging my dignity and brushing myself down, I meekly sat on the hay and watched her from the corner of my eye as the others sniffed me curiously. 
I grabbed a few quick shots while swatting away the flies and managed to stroke a few noses. I slowly stood to leave and thought I'd try Sunflower with a furtive pat on the neck again. She wasn't having any of it but I avoided the head swing and walked back to the fence keeping her in my vision. 
It was too hot and humid to be outside so once again, TV and popsicles were calling our names for the rest of the day. But it was nice to be in the cool AC and very soon Rob, Kota and I were all stretched out in full relaxation mode for the rest of the evening.


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