Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hail to the Redskins!

I managed to snaffle 4 football tickets and a parking pass from the Boss Man for the Redskins v Eagles game on Sunday so went up to FedEx field with Steve, Mark and Nick. It was going to be a nail biting game as the Redskins had actually won their last 3 games and the tension between the reds and the greens was always a little high. This made me chuckle as there's also a rivalry between greens and reds among rural folk, but this is referring to tractors, the John Deeres against the Case. I'm a firm red girl, love me a Farmall tractor. I was also concerned about the start of the match since the Eagle's left guard native American Allen Barbre won't call the Redskins by their name, instead preferring the term 'pigskins'. And he was planning a kneel during the National Anthem.
 But despite all the rumors of possible scuffles and trepidation, everyone seemed to be in a great mood, and we never got to see the start of the match anyway since we were busy chugging back a few jars in the parking lots and scarfing some snacks. This was bliss for me as the last 2 games I'd been to were in the pouring rain with zero opportunities or even a desire for tailgating.
 Once we heard the National Anthem being sung we started towards the gates. I was disgusted at the trash left behind in the parking lots and especially the wanton waste of food.
 But we got to our seats without a hitch, which were pretty good, and the boys appreciated the welcoming committee as we sat down.
 There's really no point in a running commentary from me as I barely know one end of the pitch from the other. The game is a hash between English football and rugby with way too much stopping going on for no apparent reason in my book. I understood when a touchdown occurred and that was about it. The game did start off extremely well for the Skins who leaped ahead with 14 points but by halftime the Eagles had nearly caught up, so we resigned ourselves and prepared for the inevitable loss. And got more beer. And then I started focusing on the characters in the crowd rather than the game.
 Then to my complete astonishment, the Redskins zoomed into the lead again, and now the game was neck and neck with a riveting atmospheric tension. Everyone was on their feet and I was cheering at the top of my lungs and waving my beer because everyone else was, and then the Skins won! 27 - 20! The crowd was euphoric with high fives being slapped left, right and center. We had a really cool Eagles fan behind us who we'd been sparring with throughout the game and we consoled him quite sportingly without any trace of smugness.
 Everyone dressed in red was elated, and even the horse cops gave us huge grins. We managed to leave the grounds without too much hassle and were back in Haymarket for pizza and beer before we knew it. The traffic had been a breeze, and the day a resounding success. No hangups, no malice, no fights, no arguments, just a game of ball played and supported by a huge gang of really good sports. And for me, the photo below summed it all up. As Gary Gygax, the game designer and author, said, “Games give you a chance to excel, and if you're playing in good company you don't even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.”Hear, hear!

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