Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Day of a Drenching Deluge

On Saturday it rained. Again. We'd had rain every day for most of the week and the ground was waterlogged. Soaked, sodden and thoroughly drenched. I had a problem closing doors because the wood had swollen, the cats refused to go outside and it was so damp that I had to have the AC running just to try and remove the humidity from the air. But that made the house chilly.
Kota and Rosie Lee snuggled on deep pillows and bedding, determined to sleep out the deluge and so I grabbed my camera just to get outside for a while and breathe some fresh air, albeit wet air. The rain drizzled down, a fine mist coating everything. All the branches, eaves of the house, everything that collected water dripped, drizzled, dribbled and plopped drops to the ground. And down the back of my neck. I slopped my way through the grass to the woods at the back of the house where at least there was a little shelter from the perpetual precipitation. But half an hour was the most I could handle, and I was back inside, having to change clothing and then resignedly cuddle up with the cats and wait out the deluge.

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