Friday, June 10, 2016

Stormy Skies at Blandy

After work on Tuesday our camera club met at Blandy and we took our cameras to shoot outside. The weather was unsettled, a bright sun blazing down, but a fierce wind was blowing and darker clouds were visible on the horizon. Most of the others in our group that had walked outside to take photos were staying near the building but I decided to walk out further and catch the amazing sky that was developing above me.
I had to hold these flowers in place while I snapped a photo as the wind had gotten strong, buffeting branches and blades vigorously. I was amazed when I processed my shots later to see the beetles inside the magnolia blossom, feasting on the fallen stamens from the 'pineapple' as it's referred to in the center. I think they were flea beetles.
The clouds really were ominous now and visiting folks were scattering, heading back to cars and buildings. I was quite a way from the club so just stayed near the bigger trees in case I needed to run for shelter.
Immediately after having taken these the rain fell and so I trotted back to the club room. We chatted for a while but as the rain passed over and a faint rainbow climbed halfway up the sky, the fading sun bathed the gardens in golden light, encouraging us to venture back out again. We strolled around but the light was starting to fade and I was content with the sky images I'd captured earlier, and not bothered about shooting more flowers.
I took some of the dogwoods as I love these state flowers so much, and had been sorely disappointed to miss the ones at home while I'd been in England, but after a few shutter clicks, I gave up and we all left the gardens to rest for the night as we headed back into the club room.

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