Thursday, June 2, 2016

One Brief Shining Misty Moment

Thanks to the heat and the cats' constant nudges and noise I was awake early on Memorial Day, so jumping out of bed and seeing a thick fog outside the windows I decided to take a drive and capture some misty morning shots.
I drive by this barn most mornings on my way to work and loved the light on the top of the collapsing silo. And the sparring bulls in the foreground added something extra!
I only had less than an hour to drive and grab these photos, and by then the mist had almost been burnt off by the sunlight. But I was pleased with these images and had enjoyed driving the country lanes filled with beautiful lighting, pretty fields and God's creatures a plenty, bustling about their early morning routines.
I'd shoved two very large snapping turtles to the side of the road and had mocking birds and bluebirds flitting across in front of my windscreen as I drove. It had been a stunning short drive out but as I sat back at home drinking a large mug of tea and processing my photos, I felt that even though it was only 8:30 in the morning the day had already been a resounding success!

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