Thursday, April 2, 2015

Creative Cell Phone Photos

On Saturday I attended a local class on cell phone photo apps. I wasn't really expecting too much from it except to maybe pick up the names of a few cool apps and have a chat. Yet it was local and free so it was wonderful not having to think too hard about scheduling times and journeys.
There were only 10 or so of us there and we all had iPhones bar one. Many of the apps work on all platforms so that one person wouldn't be left out.
Don had really prepared for this class and I was impressed with the set up. he had a large screen in front of our table which his phone was hooked up to by a HDMI cord. He started off by showing us some of his images and then told us cool aspects of some of the apps he used. We all wanted to know how to place random birds in our images and he knew that. We ended up learning the best apps for rays, skies, blending images, brushes, and so much more. Some of us started downloading apps immediately, taking advantage of the library's free WiFi. I had deleted a stack of apps in the past from my phone that I never used and actually ended up installing a couple of them back.
I had been snapping a few images through the week in preparation for the class, and as soon as we'd finished I raced home and started playing. I briefly regretted not accepting the free tablet from AT&T that I'd been offered when buying my new iPhone. A bigger screen would have been nice but the regret soon passed. I really don't need extra gadgets and charges.
And so my efforts are below.
 These used a combination of the Rays, Tiny Planets, Mextures and Alien Skies apps. Sometimes four apps were used in one image.
 Mextures and Snapseed apps.
 Images using Tangled FX and Rays.
 Drawing effects from Enlight.
 Combinations of Enlight and Mextures. I only spent $10 on these apps and had a bundle of fun. Don also gave us a list of the apps he preferred and why, pointing out their most useful tools. There's still a few I have to purchase and try out. Watch this space!

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