Monday, April 20, 2015

Bluebells Blooming in the Backwoods

On Sunday I had a later start and indulged in my extra bed time with Kota and Rosie Lee who were pleased to have their mum with them for a bit longer.
Today I was meeting Janice and Bill to photograph the bluebells. The weather was going to turn later today with storms which would likely flatten a lot of them. It was already a little blustery when we met, which was annoying, since it would be harder to get close ups. But we packed the cars with our camera gear and were soon driving along rough and bumpy back roads with bluebells carpeting the woodland floor on each side of us and on the tall banks at eye level. They were stunning although I missed there not being a deep intoxicating scent which is a loved attribute of their English counterparts. We waded through the blooms and then I promptly got down on the ground, wanting to try and capture them as closely as possible.
Janice on her favorite bench, and then she let me sit on it. Briefly.
Bill and I had a laugh trying to get photos of the bluebells lit up by his LED bank of lights. You can just see the silver case amongst the leaves in the images above.
This one was one of the results but I think I prefer natural light in natural settings, although those lights would have been great illuminating blooms against a dark or black background.
Janice took one of me sitting against a log. It was lovely being down on the ground with the flowers so close. The ground was warm and a wonderful scent of wild herbs surrounded me.
Sorry Bill, didn't get any photos of you, you're just not pretty enough!

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