Friday, May 3, 2013

Screens in Green and Flowers in Showers

My weekend plans had to be abandoned unfortunately as my poor toe was still suffering after being mashed by a large flower pot the previous weekend. I'd been hobbling around the whole week and was relieved on Saturday to be able to wear just flip flops, which eased the pain a lot. I know the toe wasn't broken but it had swollen and was pretty black and blue. Anything pressing against it was very uncomfortable. So wearing flip flops I managed to lean on a cart at the garden center and buy some annuals for the garden.
I'd also been buying odd shutters over the past few months and now having five, had painted them through the week. All photos are iPhone images, I still can't get over what great shots this phone can take.
I put them together planning on making a screen for the patio. I wanted all five joined together but after attaching three, I realized how heavy they were collectively so decided on having the screen in two parts.
After getting home from work during the week I would paint the shutters, giving them a distressed look, then apply a protective lacquer.
After my trip to the garden center on Saturday I spent the rest of the afternoon potting plants and then arranging things, supporting the screens with heavy logs which in turn provided plant platforms.
Enjoying cheese and wine after my hard labor in my little protected sun spot.
Sunday was a dull day with rain throughout most of it but I was pleased to see the rain as it meant all my plants would be watered in perfectly, giving them a great start. I noticed later in the afternoon that some of the plants had already stood proud and seemed happy. My huge fern from last year was now 3 plants and showed no signs of drooping. So I took the phone out to get some photos of the flowers after the rain.

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