Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meadow Mist and Dewdrops

So another weekend was spent with me huffing and puffing because I couldn't get up to my usual activities. The toe is still really tender and swells up with any interference or pressure but I'm trying to use it and see if physical therapy will help. It's getting very tiresome, bothersome, and downright frustrating. But I kept myself more or less busy with running errands, doing housework and some good old shopping which is always an instant 'cheerer upper'. I had hoped to get the kayak out since I'd obtained a permit for some local waters, and thinking my feet would not have to be involved in any big way for this activity, but alas, it was not to be. The whole weekend was wet, from morning to night, so damp that thick heavy clouds hung low on the hills. The air was thick with moisture and the meadows glistened with millions of tiny spherical jeweled drops of water, hanging from every flower and blade of grass like crystal lace. The spider webs hung in the grass like diamond doilies. So at least I had a beautiful photo opportunity to take advantage of. And I was so glad of it that I went out in the fields clutching all three cameras, (because I do include my iPhone as an important addition to my equipment.} I strolled about, kneeling and crouching in the sogginess, getting soaked up to my thighs within a couple of minutes but it was a beautiful world down there and it had been a long time since I'd seen such a heavy mist. I was actually glad it wasn't sunny as I think I would've been blinded by the sparkling water reflections.
So here's a gallery of pictures capturing that wonder of nature.
A sodden pair of boots that was tugged off immediately. I had an urge to build a fire to ward off the damp but common sense prevailed as the temperature was nowhere near cold and I chuckled as I wondered what my neighbors' comments would have been seeing smoke pouring out from my chimney. Little Rosie Lee had the right idea and I joined her on the sofa with Kota for a well earned nap. There's something wonderfully delicious about snoozing during daylight hours.

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