Friday, December 28, 2012

Ice Storm and Rosie Lee

The day after Christmas was very very cold and by mid morning thick snow was falling, sometimes turning to a frozen mix, and then to hailstones. It came down thick and fast quickly encasing every branch, bud, blade of grass and berry in a thick layer of ice. It settled on the road and left a 2" slushy deposit which quickly froze as the day darkened and the temperature dropped. The next morning sunshine occasionally peeped out from behind clouds causing the icy landscape to glitter and throw sparkles across the fields as the grasses and branches slowly swayed under their added weight. As Thursday afternoon slid into evening most of the ice had dropped in shards from the trees and the road was becoming visible.

The scenery at Meadow House was beautiful after the storm but the cats were not impressed. Kota went out very briefly but Rosie had zero interest at leaving a warm house.
Rosie relaxing on the sofa and happy to pose for a few photos. Kota wouldn't oblige, I'll have to catch him another time.
I managed to get out and stock up on supplies on Friday afternoon, today, but had to make sure I was back before sundown as the temperatures would drop and freeze the hill. The forecast is for tomorrow is more snow starting in the early hours and supposedly dropping 1"-3". We're warm and cozy with plenty of provisions so we'll have to wait and see. The house build has been cancelled tomorrow because of the snow and I'm thinking I may be cut off for the weekend. Watch this space!

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