Friday, December 14, 2012

A Bouncing Emblemax Christmas Party

Friday evening was the Emblemax Christmas Party and it was all hands on deck to clear large spaces in our production area for some big entertainment, an adult Moon Bounce and a Gladiator Joust. The boys amazed me by managing to shove many large pallets of goods into places that weren't going to be used. I'd worried whether this could be achieved but they pulled it off without any fuss.
The office was cleared for the food area except for Jenn's desk, she persisted in working until the last minute and looked quite funny as her desk was moved against the wall among the Christmas table cloths.
Fernando and Jenn larking about in production, getting into party spirit. The rental company turned up in their truck and started off loading the games, firing up fans and pumps to inflate the air games.
Joe was first to try out everything. While I was still at my desk, he'd already had a go in the Moon Bounce and bounced on the Gladiator mat. I found him and Jenn trying their hands at the floor games for the kids.
The Moon Bounce was huge and it was great seeing the adults having as much fun in there as the kids. My arm was still sore so I could only have a few controlled bounces and the Gladiator Joust was completely off limits for me but I loved seeing the others enjoy them. Mike told me he'd been bouncing in the Moon Bounce and tried a back flip which he failed to complete, landing on the back of his neck, but thankfully, his ego was hurt more than his body.
All these shots were again taken with my phone, my poor arm still isn't up to using a heavier camera.
Mike hanging out with his gorgeous little boy, Addison. I adore this little chap, he has so much character and was easily the star of the evening with his antics.
The crew having a go at the floor games and throwing the sack bags around like hand grenades. They went flying everywhere. The Troll Tip was a big hit and we were told that a group of church ladies had sewn together new outfits for the trolls when they rented the game. Apparently they'd found that their original little skirts and tops showing bare troll midriffs just weren't morally acceptable and needed to be covered up.I;m surprised that they didn't give the all trolls blue hair rinses too.
I'd also rented a popcorn and candy cotton cart. We didn't end up making popcorn but Joe turned out to be a natural with the candy cotton and the kids lined up for their sticky treats. My effort was a complete failure but I still gobbled it up, and I suspect there were a lot of sleepless kids later that evening with the overload of sugar.
I caught little Addison getting himself into the Moon Bounce. He was so cute, remembering to take off his shoes and clambering up on the catalog boxes to climb in. Sebastian was happy to stop for a breather and have his photo taken too.
The Joust was occupied by mainly the boys, relishing the opportunity to whack each other furiously.
Boss Man was particularly enthusiastic to pummel his staff and had a few sessions with Alam as well as the smaller guys. A few of the girls had a go too but I think the poles were a little hard to wield so it turned out to be more of a boy's game. Wish I could've got up there...
Everyone met in the showroom for Christmas presents, the kids especially keen, and then it seemed to me like it had only been a couple of hours before the party was ending. The evening had sped by and amazingly a lot of the kids were tired despite their huge sugar intakes.
The games company arrived to pack up their truck and it was sad to see the big games deflate so fast. I would love one of these at home. But everyone had had a blast and I was delighted to notice that old fashioned games had been enjoyed more than the video games van from last year. I did take some video footage and will post a little movie later when I've done some editing.
I had a relaxing start to Sunday and met Barb for brunch at Mimi's for healthy omelettes with tomato slices and avocado. We browsed around some shops afterwards, particularly my favoritist store, Home Goods.
Barb found a comfy chair while I went more for style, loving these elegant orange chairs with inset diamonds.
I found this tree decoration, humming and ha'ing whether to buy it, but I really have more than enough Christmas decorations at the moment.
Barb bought a small soft padded bed for Peanut, her little Dachsund, and later sent me a photo showing Arde hogging it and only just managing to fit in his plump posterior, no doubt nearly splitting the seams . He has that, 'Look, see I can get into it', look on his face.
These photos were taken on the way back to Marshall and edited with a new app on my phone. I still marvel how much can be done on this small piece of equipment.It was nice to finish up the weekend in front of a blazing fire with a glass of red wine, gearing up for the final few days of work before the Christmas break.

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