Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Party Weekend

Friday night was our work party but I don't have a single photo of the event. I took only video this year and haven't edited the clips yet so will have to post the finished video at a later date. I had rented a games truck with XBox 360, Wii and other games systems showing on screen inside the truck and out. Friday afternoon was spent moving production machinery out of the way so the truck could be driven inside the building. It turned out to be a great hit with the kids and some of us adults even got involved. For the first time we didn't end up chasing kids around production machinery or cleaning ink off clothing. They never strayed once from the truck, it was amazing and all ages were involved.
I felt a little guilty not taking photos but I wanted a break this weekend to enjoy the parties I was attending without having to document them. I actually felt like I was being rebellious which was daft since this is my blog. But I took a few shots when I returned home Saturday afternoon after buying a few presents.
A marble hanging by the window is illuminated by the sunset.
I got a new wine glass for Christmas. I loved the silver sparkliness of this glass as it reflects the lights and firelight in its side so I feel I have to keep it in permanent use.
More decorations at Meadow House.
Saturday afternoon I also drove to my nearest winery, Barrel Oak, which is about 10 minutes away. I'm not keen on this winery as it's so commercialized and busy and sure enough when I got there the place was jumping. It was so noisy that I could hardly hear the staff as I bought a bottle of reserve Sauvignon for Secret Santa at Debbie & Jim's party that evening.
Once again at the party I didn't have my camera but I still took some shots with my iPhone so the following photos are pretty bad. Hopefully I won't be saying that for much longer as I have every intention of upgrading just as soon as I can get to the Apple store.
These nibbles caught my eye. Made of cornflakes & M&M's with food coloring, they really stood out.
The Secret Santa game was a hoot. I didn't realize that people schemed during this game. Some worked with each other to get their chosen gift while others were determined to hang onto what they'd brought themselves. My number was called late so I felt no guilt at selecting my own still wrapped $34 bottle of wine and smirked as people quickly lost interest after I announced it as a bottle of Cab Sav. Well it was, I just forgot to say it was a reserve and nobody checked it!
Little Kylie looking pretty in pink.
We all had to take part in a dance routine. Joyce did really well here and I grooved with Deanie Weanie. Jim's present was this ridiculously large flat screen TV. Next time I visit I shall insist that I get complimentary soda and ice cream when we watch it.
I caught Fireman John playing with a kids computer. He was actually quite engrossed with it.
I think Jim got the last laugh. He got a good telling off because he'd not got the lawn decorations up and lit in time for the party. But Debbie relented a bit when she saw he'd at least got some icicles up along the front of the house. But she never realized why these took priority. Maybe the fact they were Cowboys colors.....?
Nice one Jim!

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