Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

On Christmas Day morning Kota seemed to realize that this was a Special Day and hounded me to get out of bed with yowls and licks. I eventually succumbed and slowly plodded to the living area where he was already waiting with more yowls. I forked a whole tin of sardines into his bowl, mixing them with kibbles and sat on the sofa with a large mug of tea and got his stocking down. Mum had sent him a wrapped present which he assisted in ripping off the paper to get at his catnip mouses inside. He's not been too bothered about catnip in the past but he seemed to like these and also gobbled down some treats which had accompanied them. Once he was taken care of I was free to go about my business of getting ready and going over to Jim and Debbie's house for the day. Kota shoved open his cat flap door to start his morning prowls looking resplendent in his candy cane striped collar.
I got to Sterling and was greeted by Max and Luke who were very excited about their presents.
With their hockey game, intact when this photo was taken but broken by late afternoon!
Joyce outside with her cup of tea enjoying the warm sun. I was Bah Humbug about this, I always want overcast, rainy or snowy weather on Christmas Day so the fairy lights glow better, it was hardly worth having them on in this bright sunshine.
Heather and Ed dropped by with Kylie on their family rounds. Kylie loved her pink and purple bike and also managed to check out the boys' Nerf gun.
Christmas Day wouldn't be complete without SquareBob SpongePants so I was ecstatic to be able to watch him for a bit while the dinner was cooking. What a dude!
 And then suddenly dinner was served. A splendid feast of roast beef with yorkshire puds, roast potatoes, veggies and lashings of gravy. An excellent meal and we all sat down afterwards feeling stuffed to the gills. Absolutely no room for Christmas pudding, a fact that I was saddened to admit. The boys wanted to play outside so Joyce and I went with them, careful not to be drawn into any games. I always end up with a pretend partner and always lose, that wasn't happening today, but in their festive spirit they didn't insist and played happily with themselves.
Joyce still sporting her cracker hat and the boys posed with a snowman, wearing Max's Angry Bird hat.They played a version of football that I wasn't familiar with and there seemed to be a lot of fumbles and tackles so it wasn't too long before they tired out and headed back indoors.
Max building a wall of Angry Bird bricks. Jim and I had to assemble all of these first and while Max built his wall Luke set up his Nerf gun.
An angel and demon pose from Luke. Once Max was ready he annihilated the Angry Bird wall with foam bullets quite a few of which missed the wall and hit me. I was pretty impressed with the gun but realized that a request to have a go myself would be promptly denied. Oh well, maybe in a few weeks...
I love this photo of Brianna and Aston. I've not seen Aston with a black eye before and thought he looked hilarious. It had been from a chivalrous action and I'll say no more. He hadn't been too willing to pose for a photo but I think they look great!
Max with his Angry Bird pillow. Forgot to mention, Max is really into Angry Birds at the moment! I did shoot a bunch of video clips of the boys but just haven't got round to putting them together yet. I've been having a very relaxed Christmas break with little time spent on the computer so I shall put a YouTube link here in the New Year for the mini movie once it's done. So hoping you all had a wonderous Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year. Over and out for 2011!

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