Monday, September 5, 2011

A world of Dewy Lace

On Sunday I awoke early with Kota and looking out the window I saw a thick fog and grass bent over with a heavy cloak of dew. It was a photographer's dream and within a few minutes we were out the door with a theme already in my mind. I was going to photograph spiders' webs. Looking across the meadows there were thousands of them looking like fallen handkerchiefs resting on the grass and strings of dewy diamonds were threaded through every tree and across every flower. It was truly beautiful and I wish I could have done full justice with my camera but it seemed enough to be able to stand and drink in every detail first with my eyes before I limited my vision through a lens. I've included a couple of flowers encrusted with dewdrops but had to focus on just the spiders' webs, or it would have been a sensory overload. Because I hope you see these the way I saw them I have not edited any of these images apart from some minimal cropping.

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