Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I actually have zero to blog about this weekend as I was so sick that I couldn't snap a camera shutter let alone hold the damn thing. I suspected Friday morning that something was amiss with me as my head felt stuffy and a sense of dreadful foreboding came over me, followed by a swift self pity episode as I realized my hard earned weekend was about to be ruined. I ended leaving work a little early that day and as soon as I got home and fed Kota I was horizontal on the sofa. I awoke around 10pm with my nose blocked and a headache along with a chill. I crawled to bed and stayed there, apart from necessary breaks, until Sunday morning. Then I got up with such aching limbs and more chills that I wanted to just drop back under the covers again. But I was craving big time for soup and doggedly drove into town where I whizzed around the grocery store and was back home within 40 minutes. I grabbed a tin of tomato soup only to discover I bought stewed tomatoes instead. I cried. Although I had stuff in the fridge I couldn't face cooking so it was just sandwiches for me this weekend.
Thanks to everyone who called and kept me going with kind words and generous offers of help. I loved the offer of 'soup and snuggles' but I was loath to let anyone near me and pick up those frightful germs. But the chats helped immensely. I was back to work on Tuesday but it wasn't until today when I felt back to my normal self again. And today I hankered for something but I just couldn't put a finger on it until I was looking through Craig's List. Of course, a chainsaw! I have so many fallen branches and logs lying around the place, I could saw them up to burn in the fire pit. I saw a really good bargain which was up for sale close to work. and less than an hour later I was back at work with a Reamington 14" saw and a can of oil.
On the way home the rain poured down all the way to Tractor Supply.
A rainbow over the grocery store as I ran into Tractor Supply to buy some safety glasses. I was seriously wondering if it might be too wet to chop any wood this evening. I was getting a bit upset thinking my plans would be thwarted yet again but as I drove home, only 2 miles away, the roads dried up and I saw that there had been no torrential rain recently at Meadow House so the wood chopping was still on!
This two big branches were hanging from the chestnut tree by the shed and were the ones I wanted to practice on tonight.
 Fired up and ready to go! And of course Kota had to be in on the action.
So I got chopping, and bloody hell if the damn thing wasn't as blunt as a butter knife. I had a fleeting moment of being really pissed but I wasn't giving up. Those branches were being cut up if it meant staying up all night.
But after lots of brute force determination I got there and the branches got sawed up, or rather hacked. 
But overall I was pleased. It only cost me $30 and so it looks like I'm going to have to get a new chain or something. Whatever, I'll figure it out, I love my new toy!

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