Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sterling comes to Marshall

Saturday afternoon was hot but thankfully not humid and Debbie, Jim and the boys along with Scott and Kim came down to visit. Debbie had suggested that the boys bring their bikes so without further ado Luke and Max took to the gravel and promptly started collecting boo boos. With plenty of skidding, jumps and a fall after each pass, we all yelled out, "Shake it off!" before the tears started, and the boys continued undaunted.
Luke proudly showing off his war wound patched up with SpongeBob band aids.
Debbie larking about on the swing.
We all strolled down to the fish pond stopping on the way to look at the remnants of some iron works.
I found out later from Maggi that her son had started sculpture and put together a few pieces which are now left on the steps of the old house which burned down a few years earlier. Here Scott is explaining about the abandoned furnace and how it worked.
Big boys fooling around at the pond.
Me and Kim.
Debbie and Kim.
Scott messing with Luke and Max.
My favorite photo of the whole day and it turned out exactly as I hoped, an image of a lazy hot summer's day; Jim and Max walking back from the pond.
The Rabble. Rob turned up later and soon fooled around like the rest of them.
Max hammering down the gravel drive. Did he fall off?
Yup! And was proud to sport his new boo boo.
As with any BBQ the boys hung around the grill, each passing golden nuggets of information on the master skill of grilling. Jim's was, "You keep flipping, Deb, you keep flipping." And Rob was trying extra hard not to look into the camera lens as he usually loves to do. Looks like it's taking every ounce of his concentration.
The boys on Scott's bike. We had a fabulous afternoon and evening. The food and company were unsurpassable. We watched the full moon rise and then as the boys got drowsy, we packed up and said our farewells. But they'll soon return!

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