Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cuckoos and Peaches

Rob came up on Saturday armed with his repair kit as my cuckoo clock that he had only given me the previous week had taken a tumble and consequently suffered a, hopefully, minor damage. Everything was working fine except the cuckoo who refused to go back into his house and shut the door once he had heralded the hour. Rob set to straight away and started undoing screws, pulling pieces off and fiddled inside the intricate mechanism with his big paws while I hovered with baited breath. After much poking and moving chains and wires about, Rob sat back declaring it was fixed. We silently trekked to the bedroom and hung it back on the wall. The minute hand turned and the cuckoo burst out of his door and cuckooed loudly and then, Woo Hoo! retreated slamming the door behind him loudly. Well done Rob! I was so pleased and now take great delight in the way the door claps shut behind him, almost as though he were most displeased with having to announce each hour.
I had noticed a few days ago on the way home from work a sign announcing that peaches were available across the road from me. So off we went to investigate. A house had set up signs and based on the honor system you could go and pick peaches, stuffing your payment through the letterbox afterwards. We met the owners, Blane & Jan, as we approached the door and chatted happily for a few minutes before we headed off to the peach trees.
The trees we could pick from had white streamers hanging from them. This was the first time I've ever picked peaches let alone seen them growing on a tree so I was excited. My first task was to hunt and find the bestest biggest and juiciest peach on the trees for me to eat. This took a little while as I could hardly contain myself and flitted from tree to tree before I managed to gain control and concentrate on picking just one delectable globe of heavenly sweetness.
Found it!
It was actually impossible to bite into the peach without some going up my nose, the thing was huge!
As it turned out Rob ended up doing all the picking while I followed him around munching and dripping. I think I put 2 peaches in the bag, the second one right at the end as I became aware of my non-contribution.
Rob fooling around and displaying our peck of peaches.
Cool number plate!
All lovingly placed on the fridge shelf ready for consumption.
We pottered down to the pond again with Kota to feed the fishes but didn't stay too long as a couple of steaks were calling us from the house.
The evening ended nicely with a yummy feast of rib eyes, baked beans and baked potatoes. Rob had the largest potato I had seen for a while, it was humungous and barely left room on the plate for his steak and beans. He declared he could woof the lot but had to admit defeat and leave some, a planned tactic I know, to save room for locally made apple pie and ice cream!

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