Friday, November 12, 2010

Walking with Planes

 Saturday was a sunny day so Barb and I decided to go for a cycle ride. But it was so cold once we started pedaling and I was poorly dressed for the weather, so that after 5 miles I was frozen and had to admit defeat. The wind was biting and there was simply no enjoyment about being on the bike. But still wanting to exercise and be outdoors, we decided to hike in the Manassas Battlefields instead.
This worked out well and once again Northern Virginia seemed to be preferring other activities rather than enjoying Nature's final color display of the year so we walked alone. We soon warmed up as we kept up a brisk pace with Arde leading the way.
Not sure if these were edible but it was tempting to pick them and find out but common sense prevailed, for once.

Arde had us laughing with his waddle when Barb let go of the leash. This woofer is a serious hiker for his age and despite his grey hairs he has no problem keeping up. We finished the afternoon after walking about 7 miles and I headed home to meet Rob who was coming up in the evening.
On Sunday, after our usual huge breakfast I took Rob to the Air & Space Museum in Chantilly.
Of course the first photo has to be of my beloved Blackbird.
The lovely Flying Cloud which I've featured before and Rob posing in front of the Concorde.
This Japanese fighter made me a little nervous as I felt it was about to gobble me up at any moment.
Rob was positive that the little dude was Paul Schaffer, David Letterman's sidekick. I didn't have a clue but when I checked images on line I think he may have been right. I didn't argue as years ago I met Wolf Blitzer and Michael Jordan without knowing who they were.
The older knowledgeable gentleman in the top photo was explaining how an airplane engine worked to the small lad. I assumed it went straight over his head as it had with mine until they had left and Mr Know It All Robert proceeded to walk from one end of the engine pointing out parts and describing their function in making the engine run while smirking and obviously enjoying my complete and utter inability to take on board any technical details. Men!
I was amazed at the Space section's wonderful collection of Hasselblad cameras, something I'd missed on my last visit. These cameras are some of the most expensive in the world and are high on my Santa list :)
We spent 4 hours taking in every part of the museum and then were glad to leave, grab a pizza and beer and flop in front of the TV for a while before our eyes drooped and warm sheets beckoned.

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