Friday, November 19, 2010

Biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Sunday was a bright and sunny day so Lance suggested we grab the opportunity to go for possibly the last bike ride of the year. We decided to do a loop including the Skyline Drive even though we knew the temperatures would be lower up there.
It was great to see empty roads, everyone else was indoors watching TV by a fire or shopping in warm malls. I had on my snowboarding jacket which was stopping any drafts getting through so I felt fine. I snapped photos as we buzzed along but this was proving a little difficult with the crosswinds. 
Lance rummaging for payment at the park entrance while we waited.
And we're in! Once again, there were few people sharing the vistas. Most of the leaves had fallen from the higher trees but this only meant the views were more spectacular; we could see for miles.
We stopped at one viewpoint and Lance and I trudged down to a rocky outcrop to stretch our legs and enjoy the scenery.
 Rob and I reflected on part of his engine casing, and Rob and Lance on their bikes. We were starting to feel a bit chilly at this point so decided to head towards one of the park's restaurants.
There was a big black bear hiding in one of the plants inside the restaurant which Rob managed to startle and grab a photo of.
We got back on the bikes, really feeling the cold now, and headed towards the park exit. It took an hour to get to Sperryville and my fingers were barely able to operate the camera as we passed through. It was another hour to get back to Lance's house and the last half hour or so I had to keep my hands tucked in front of me as I snuggled up to Rob trying to keep some warmth on his back as I sheltered from the gusts of wind. It was wonderful to finally climb into his warm truck when we got back and the blazing fire at his house was never more welcome. No more bike rides this year, but maybe over Thanksgiving?...

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