Friday, May 7, 2010

An Update on my World

So 2 weeks ago, the curtains were drawn on the relationship between me & Steve but no love was lost, literally because there was none to lose. There was no bitterness, it wasn't necessary, life just needed to move on. Most of my friends were amazed that it had even started since for the past 3 years or so, I haven't even looked at the opposite sex because my life was full and happy with my friends and activities. So I have to thank Steve because he opened a door onto a new part of life, a part where I realized that actually there was room for a certain man. Immediately I went on line and started looking around and came across a guy called Rob. We've been communicating since the end of April and met last night for the first time. Because we'd had a lot of contact previously, he didn't seem like a stranger, it was more like experiencing the senses that I'd not used, touch, taste and smell. I knew his voice and I knew how he looked, but now I had the full picture. He lives in the countryside and loves nature like me. There's some distance between us, but that will make each meeting more enjoyable and he's constantly in touch with me.
The night was a resounding success with a lot of talk and laughter and the date finished with us shopping, me buying plants and pots, and him buying 2 sucker fish and a file for his chain saw! So, here's a glimpse of him, and I hope plenty more will follow.

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