Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Boondocks with a Bicycle

On Saturday morning, I slept in for a bit after Rob left for work but couldn't stay in bed for long as I was so excited about exploring on my bike. I was soon heading out of the door and passed these old vehicles which belong to a neighbor.
Once on the 'main' road I headed towards town loving the absence of other vehicles and people.
 I was abruptly jolted out of my dreamy mood when I saw this truck. It had to be one of the scariest trucks I'd ever seen and brought to mind the movie, Duel, in which a truck stalks Dennis Weaver. I was fascinated by it and had to look it over. I think I would have dropped dead on the spot though if the engine had suddenly fired up.
Getting back on my bike I attempted to reclaim my previous mood and after a couple of bends in the lane was feeling dandy again.
I then saw this chair near the edge of the road. I later noticed that there was an abundance of seats, benches and other posterior props in peoples' yards, evidence that the folks here like to sit and watch the world go by.
 And who can blame them when they have such wonderful scenery such as the view above outside Rob's cottage.
I soon reached Gordonsville and found a very quaint old town that built up on the railway line in the 1840's by being the trade center for the local farms and plantations.
There was also an area of abandoned garden ornaments at the back of a building. They were mostly leaning over, some had broken and nearly all had been outside for some time judging by their weathered appearance. I couldn't find anyone around to ask so another trip to town will be in the future. There were some excellent craft and antique shops also but I refused to venture through any doorways since purchases would have been impossible to get back to the cottage on my bike.
 I crossed the road to the railway track and found some old wooden buildings which had once been a farm service store and an emporium. I walked all around determined to come back and explore inside at a later date. While round the back, I was reading this sign when the telephone started ringing. Bells clattered above my head for about 3 minutes, long enough to freak me out and send me scuttling back to my bike.
I saw these signs all lined up. So all the action is to the left then?
I found an old abandoned vehicle by the roadside, an International Loadster 1700, built in the mid 70's.
 There were plenty of farm animals on my route and I noticed that as well as fragrant honeysuckle draping over gates and flowing over fences, there were wild roses in many of the hedgerows. It really was very pretty. I wanted to take photos of all the flowers I saw but had to limit myself or I'd be spending more time off the bike than on it.
 This beautiful house was on the way back to the cottage. I got back after about 22 miles glad to have escaped the storm that seemed to be threatening with hanging black clouds. Grabbing my book, I plopped onto the hammock and sprawled out to have a doze. Half an hour later heavy raindrops forced me back indoors where I resumed my nap until Rob came home. Then steak on the barbie for dinner, a movie, and then a trip to the shed where we both sat and looked at the tractor while chatting and drinking wine.

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Heideldy Deideldy said...

Oh by the way, I also enjoy driving tractors! I have some family that are farmers so have been able to experience that lifestyle too!