Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Steady Rain on Broadway

Sunday couldn't come round soon enough. I had been waiting for weeks to see a play on Broadway starring Daniel Craig. There are only two men in this world whom I've adored for more than 20 years. Gerard Depardieu is one of them and Daniel Craig is the other. The first thing I saw him in was during the mid 80's, a TV movie called Moll Flanders in which he played her one true love. He was spanking gawgeous and I said at the time he would go far. Imagine my joy when he became James Bond and then the opportunity to see him in the flesh was almost too much. I was almost bouncing as I boarded the bus with a couple of friends to head up to NYC.

We only had a very short walk once we alighted the bus, through the fashion district and Times Square, then we were there. The funky little cars above were being driven by Elvis lookalikes. I must also apologize for the quality of these images. I didn't take my camera, in fear of it being confiscated, so these photos are from my iPhone or stolen from the web.

The theater! The queues went so far down the street that staff from neighboring theaters had to come to keep the lines in order.

I forgot to mention that Hugh Jackman was also in the play, but he's not on my HOT list.
In fact, the play consisted of just these two men, and two chairs on the stage. They portrayed two police officers who had grown up together and were best friends. Discussing an evening where an incident caused a domino effect of events that threw their lives into disorder and terror changing both of their destinies. It was awesome, outstanding, and they thoroughly deserved the standing ovation with whoops and cheers, many from me with some kisses thrown in.

Immediately afterwards I bought my t-shirt and keychain, then we went outside to join the throng who were hoping for a glimpse of them and possibly an autograph as they came out to their cars.

We had to keep quiet since a play was in progress across the street, so when Steven Spielberg came out with his children, there weren't very many cheers. Daniel Craig is going to be in his next movie, The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. The place erupted when Hugh and Daniel came out and I just about managed to catch both of them as they climbed into their cars. As Daniel's car came past me on the kerb, I yelled, 'Hey, Daniel!', waving. He met my eyes and smiled back, I nearly fell over. He had been less than 3 feet away from me!
We went to a restaurant to have dinner before we boarded the bus back to DC. That day, we had spent nearly 9 hours on a bus in order to watch this play. It had been worth every minute.


Germangirl said...

Hi Debbie,

I was there, too and got siggis and a pic with DC. What a darling. Why don´t you have a look into his main fanboard? You have to register, but its worth it - lots of info, pics, ALL DC related and much fun, too.

Debby Karalee said...

Thanks for the info, Germangirl, I'll have a look.