Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Dress Run DC 2009

On Saturday, Barb, Emily and I met up to see some friends off when they started the Red Dress Run, and then to go up to the Mall and check out the solar homes built there and possibly attend the Green Festival. Things turned out very differently...

We started off walking down to the Titanic Memorial on the river front as this statue was the influence for Kate Winslet's pose in the Titanic movie. Easy to see why.
We then walked around the fish market before meeting up on Tim's boat to drink beers until Tony who was running in the race was ready.

We had a lovely lazy time sitting, drinking and chatting while watching the ducks and seagulls. Finally Tony and his crew were ready so we started towards the pub where the race was starting from.

Everyone looked lovely in their outfits and we took plenty of photos. We turned around the corner and were immediately surrounded by hundreds of people in red dresses. Emily had left to volunteer by this time so Barb, Tim and I were the only people in regular garb, but nobody seemed to mind. I mingled with the crowd, my shutter snapping furiously. The noise was deafening and every face was smiling or laughing. Some new 'hashers' were being christened with their new names and I noticed many people had necklaces on bearing their hasher names. I have to admit that I'm very proud this excellent tradition was originally started by Brits and the Red Dress Run which is now a popular hashing event was started by a woman in San Diego.

Everybody was amazingly friendly and more than happy to have their photos taken. The mood was very infectious and I made a mental note that I would have to consider taking part next year. I climbed onto a bollard to get a better view of the crowd and then as I turned, was amazed to see Tim had acquired a dress himself and was going to run the course.
 He struck a pose with Uncle John, and so it seemed Barb and I would have to follow to document this event, and the Green Festival was immediately postponed for the day.
The hares had left earlier so the course was now set. Everybody started running or walking and the surrounding streets became a sea of bobbing red dresses.

Barb and I hurried to catch up and caught sight of some red dresses by the Nationals Stadium, along with Tony and his friends.After a few side streets, we arrived at our destination, The Crucible, which is an adult club!

The place was jumping and for all hashers, there was copious amounts of free beer. Most of the sex toys and paraphernalia had been hidden away, but there were still plenty of odd seats and photos on the wall. It was quite an eye opener.

The party spilled outside onto the sidewalk with everyone greeting and introducing each other. It was a fabulous atmosphere. After a couple of hours, most of the hashers made their way back to the waterfront where food awaited at the bar. Barb and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and not once did anyone make a comment about our lack of correct apparel. Maybe the big cameras helped, but we spoke to a lot of people who I'd love to see again next year. It will be on the cards, watch this space!


Heideldy Deideldy said...

Is that for the American Heart Association? A run for fundraising? The pictures are awesome and I would have LOVED to be there!

Debby Karalee said...

I didn't find out what the money went to, but all profits went to charity. It's a very cool occasion, they may hold one in Minnesota.