Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Urban Exploring in D.C.

On Sunday morning, I met with my fellow explorers to investigate an abandoned brick works in D.C.

The inside of the kilns had this beautiful brick flooring to allow heat from below to dry the bricks.

The bricks were transported to and from the kilns by these rail tracks.

After the brick works, we went on a scouting trip around D.C. to find other abandoned buildings, and came across this wonderful old firehouse built in 1894. It had new locks on the doors so we're hoping it will be restored.

The wall by the side of the firehouse was covered in intricate patterns of ivy leaves.

This is the Old Naval Hospital.

Even as night fell, we carried on searching and checked out the old Wonderbread factory which is going to be developed into offices, retail & parking space. We also found an old theater, a couple of schools and a church which we made notes of for future exploring.

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Raychel said...

That fire house is on the block behind my work!
I enjoy your blog!
I stumbled across it when I was searching for info about the old Renaissance Faire in VA.

I love urban exploration.