Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Spring had Sprung on Sunday

After having spent Saturday morning helping to collect trash from the disgustingly filthy Anacostia River in DC, in the rain, I wasn't keen to overexert myself on Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, I'd picked up a bicycle from Jason, which he had assured me would ride better than my heavy silver Pacifica bike that I've been using for trails and rougher ground that I would prefer to not take my Bianchi on.
Sunday morning was rain free, thankfully, sunny, but chilly with a brisk wind. I decided against the bike ride I had originally planned, instead plumping for the lazier option of checking out the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show. I've been in the mood for planting now I've cleared my patio, repurposed my broken down shutters to make new screens, and thrown away my old rusty BBQ. I'm itching to start planting and adding some glorious color to my outside space, as well as putting veggies in my newly acquired plot behind the barn. But with common sense, and my wallet, telling me to hold off for a little longer until the chance of frost has surely passed, I thought, maybe looking at a show and at least getting some ideas would keep me temporarily satisfied.
My little shed was illuminated with the morning sun, teasing me with the knowledge that all my pots and garden furniture are in there, just waiting to be pulled out and filled with pretty flowers and herbs. I also have my boston ferns and geraniums in the spare room that need to go outside.
I drove towards Leesburg, taking the country route, wanting to first pass through Rectortown, or Maidstone (after my English home town) as it was once called.
I stopped at the side of the road in Maidstone, and got out to enjoy the beautiful banks of English bluebells that were in full bloom, pretty pastels of pink and blue and the odd white bell carpeted the side of the road, and the fragrance was divine. I'm assuming there must be an English resident here who planted all these, and I am grateful that they are so close to home. They have even spread across to the other side of the road and have taken root in the woodland there. And to add to the experience, which I was already enjoying immensely, the sound of classical music from a nearby house drifted across to me. For a heavenly few minutes I stood there, savoring the moment and feeling extremely fortunate that I could enjoy this little place of my home here in America. I didn't linger too long though as I likely looked a little odd, standing there with my nose in the air, sniffing audibly, with a big grin on my face, but it was a most superb way to start the day and I happily continued along on my way through country roads to Leesburg.
Emblemax has been printing the shirts for this show for many years, so it was amusing to see last year's leftover tees being used to keep kids clean as they participated in art projects. But I soon moved along, wanting, and hoping, to get some ideas for my patio, but not really wanting to buy plants as those would come from DeBaggio's. The streets were crowded and the event bigger than I'd anticipated, which I was pleased about, there was so much to look at!
I saw some great ideas for growing succulents and resolved to look over the grounds at home to see if I could find a rotting log, I'm sure there's a few about. The one shown here was $75, out of my price range, but gorgeous nonetheless. I also loved the vibrant colors of the bird houses with their copper adornments. There was another stall of flower pots wearing kids denim dungarees. Tacky and not something I'd have on my patio as they'd surely be rotted after a humid summer, but I was about to take a photo when the lady shooed me off, suggesting I was wanting to steal her idea. I looked at her incredulously, but respected her wishes and moved on.
I admired the water features, something I'd love to have at home, especially the fire and water piece. I also adored the shabby chic display, tempted to purchase a  #2 pot but wondering if it actually pertained to what I was assuming, ha ha. I ended up not buying anything from there but instead was won over with a hummingbird metal sculpture which sticks in the ground, a photo will be in my patio post at a later date. I had enjoyed looking around but was surprised that I didn't come away with many ideas or that I wanted to buy more. But I'd come back again, it was cheap to get into and parking had been easy on a nearby or was free in garages close by.
I drove to a nearby park and tested the new bike.The gears took some getting used to but overall it was comfortable and definitely lighter. But although I'm really pleased to have this new ride, I'm more excited about getting my garden started. With all the bright new leaves and flowers busting out, the landscape rapidly changing into a kaleidoscope of spring colors banishing the dull tones of winter, The temperatures are rising and I'm pretty sure that the freezes are over for the season. As I watch the birds, small woodland animals and insects begin their busy activities, I'm caught up in their enthusiasm and want to dash about too, to get everything planted and arranged just so on the patio.
As Leo Tolstoy said, "Spring is the time of plans and projects."

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