Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring is Summoned at Blandy

The rain poured down on Sunday but as soon as it started easing off I jumped in Stuart and made a beeline for Blandy Arboretum.  Bill had told me that the winter aconites were starting to bloom and I was anxious to see an early sign of spring.
There were few cars in the parking lot and as I walked to the main building the rain had failed to wash away the last of the snow, it was still dripping onto patches of grass adamantly. I trudged through muddy waterlogged gardens until I came to Dogwood Lane and then suddenly I spotted them. Because they were so fresh and new, they hadn't opened fully, so the sides of the lane were dotted with thousands of tiny golden globes. They positively gleamed against the drab earth colors below them, banishing the gloom of this winter day. Emerald green leaves were being tugged up out of the ground to surround them, reminding me on someone pulling up a coat around their shoulders.
Laden with crystal orbs from the rain which had only just stopped falling, they looked like jewels sprinkled upon a carpet, polished and sparkling citrines or zircons glowing on the ground.
The aconite is related to the buttercup but is different in that it's an exothermic plant. It produces heat to keep itself warm, giving off temperatures that will even melt any surrounding snow and protect it from frost.. The skunk cabbage also does this.
I spent a while crouching down to take close up photos and simply just to enjoy this first flower of spring. Their colors were so fresh and vibrant, looking as though they'd been thoroughly washed in the rain storm. I looked around but there was nobody else to enjoy this with, so I just stood and stared in grateful wonder.
Drops of rain clung to branches and the only sounds were the soft drips on to brown leaves below or an occasional bird song. I wondered around but saw no other colors peeking out from under shrubs or between rocks. I passed the greenhouse and saw it was filled with lots of beautiful golden flowers under heat lamps. I had no idea what they were and again there was no one around to ask. but it seemed that today had been a golden day, and I was glad I'd been a witness.


William Spinrad said...

Awesome write up and images Debby. You have a way with words; your photography is always impeccable

Debby Karalee said...

Thanks Bill, that means a lot!