Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Slight Sprinkling of Snow

On Sunday I packed up my camera and dressed warmly. It was cold outside but I was ready for a hike on the Skyline Drive, and was hoping to see some icy waterfalls. After loading up the wood stove with logs and leaving treats for the cats I set off as powdery flakes twirled and twisted through the air on a brisk, bitter breeze. This was the first snow of the season and I could barely see across to the other side of the hill. The sky was full of heavy grey clouds and I wondered if the weather forecasters had got it wrong with their prediction of a very light snow shower with no accumulation.
As I drove to Front Royal, it seemed to be coming down heavier but wasn't sticking to the roads at all, with only a minimal coverage on the grass and trees, so I was more than a little pissed when I presented my pass at the gate and was informed that the park was closed. The attendant stated that the snow had accumulated over an inch so far 'up there and cars were already getting stuck'. I stared at him in what I hoped was transparent disbelief and drove away.I saw photos later on Facebook of folks who'd just managed to get in before the gates were closed and there was barely half an inch on the road.
So I drove back through country lanes and captured some of the very light snow that was visible on the lower grounds, on tops of seed heads and dusting sides of trees. There really wasn't much at all but I got a few images before it had all disappeared completely a couple of hours later.

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