Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Parting Clouds and Partying Clowns

Most days last week were dull, dreary and for the most part foggy so when I woke early one morning and saw heavy, dense banks of mist hugging dewy grass out of my bedroom window I decided to rush out and head for the Skyline Drive, hoping I'd see some amazing clouds. I'd managed to get a few hikes in last week too, so I'd also go and get an annual pass to the park, as one of my New Year's resolutions is to hike every trail, or as many as I can, on the Skyline Drive.
I left an eerie looking Meadow House and drove as fast as I could to the park. There was no line to get in and very few cars; I had the place pretty much to myself. I soon realized as I drove along that there would be no hiking today. The clouds were incredible, blowing across the lower valley and slamming into the peaks, but the trails along rocky ledges would be dangerous, with visibility impaired, so I decided to concentrate on just capturing these big floating fluff balls before they dissipated and blew away forever. The sun kept trying to break through but was failing, only managing to produce some lighter areas in the grey clouds.
But as the morning wore on, it became evident that the wind was succeeding in ripping the clouds apart, finally letting large blue areas of sky burst through and the last of the white clouds sank into the valley pockets, hugging the river beds and convincing the towns below them that it was still a very foggy morning. But up at 3000ft the sky was clear and it became very cold with strong blustery breezes pummeling across the ridge.
I left after noon and was glad to get back home. This had been my first real arctic experience this winter and with the warm temperatures we'd been treated to through the fall, I wasn't ready for the cold yet!
On Saturday evening our DCUE crew met for a party at Liz's house.
Lewis brought along an old Polaroid camera with film from his expansive collection and took some great shots of the party. A couple are above; it was wonderful waiting for them to develop into the old retro style.
Jason did his usual thing, finding a comfy sofa and settling down for a snooze.
Andrew and John with little Zoey, who like Kota, has her own Facebook page on which she shows off her vast wardrobe of outfits.
Richard made this collage using our beer bottle caps.
We had many laughs playing Cards Against Humanity, one of the best games of all time, and one which is very difficult to stop playing. But after midnight I was feeling tired and having an hour's drive decided to leave....
...and Jason was still on the sofa.

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