Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Blustery Bitingly Cold Brewfest

On Saturday my urbexing buddies joined me to work the NOVA Brewfest in Manassas. It didn't seem so long ago that I'd worked the spring event but hey, I wasn't complaining. I love a beer festival. I was a bit miffed since I had been chosen to work the gate instead of pouring beer, but Richard was placed with me so we got on with the task in hand. It took a while for the punters to arrive, probably because it was so cold, but the low temperatures didn't hold them back for long and soon we had long lines of folks wanting admittance. And all with smiles on their faces. It's wonderful how happy the thought of beer drinking makes people, and even with tickets blowing away or us being slow at putting entry bracelets on wrists, nothing was going to dampen anyone's spirits. Richard and I worked together like a well oiled machine and before we knew it our 4 hours of work was over and we were let loose to reap our reward.
I headed straight for a beer tap and filled my glass, then we looked for the others. Before long we'd found everyone and set down to the serious business of beer tasting.
 This guy had covered his shirt in beer stickers which I thought looked pretty cool...
 ...but what's with the silly colored sunglasses? Quite a few people were wearing them, but I didn't understand the attraction.
 Why, oh why, would you try and sell dog biscuits at a beer event? I'm guessing the vendor soon realized his error as I didn't see one person take any interest. Maybe later in the afternoon when either the food ran out or as some folks' desperation to cure the munchies took hold, maybe they'd see some sales then...
 But we satisfied our grumbling bellies with a superb sandwich from a truck called The Farm Effect. We opted for the Farmer's Daughter sandwich which was delicious and healthy. Good grub!
 And then straight back to filling our beer glasses.

 Nice outfits!
 This poor lady was having some serious issues with her pipes, and ending up with jugs full of foam. Sadly she wasn't managing to get much of that amber nectar out, just a tiny amount at the bottom of her jug.
 Margie got a plate of chips which I really didn't like the look of but once I saw Richard and Walter tucking in, I had to have a taste, and then of course I was hooked. There's just something about the combination of greasy food and beer...
 I couldn't believe it when Lou tapped me on the shoulder. He was my team leader on my very first NOVA Brewfest and I was amazed he remembered me, even my love for Old Busthead Brewery, which had just got started back then. It was good to see him again, he's always smiling, and we chatted for a while before leaving him to help a volunteer who was also having problems with her pipes.
 Margie found a new way to carry her beer so she had both hands free for food. She's always the innovative one!
And then it was time to leave! The afternoon had whizzed by. Margie and Emily both had events to go to in DC so we wrapped it up and headed to the cars. As the sun was setting, the temperatures were dropping again so we were fine with leaving.

Of course pit stops were needed before our long drives and I went in first, completely unaware that soon I'd be rocked backwards and forwards by the heathens outside. I'm amazed I managed to keep my balance while clutching a beer glass in one hand and my jeans in another! Margie went in after me and of course got the same treatment.
As we said our goodbyes, Margie handed out bags to me, Emily and Richard.
 Inside were wonderful cat skeletons for Halloween. How thoughtful! I was really chuffed with mine and actually thought it looked a bit like Kota. They were very lifelike.
 I was giving an additional bag and I knew without looking inside what it contained. Margie and I have both listened to the Old Testament on CDs and now it was my turn to start on the New Testament. It had taken Margie a few months to get through the 70 plus CDs and now here they were, ready for me. She'd mentioned it had been pretty arduous and seemed to almost gleefully hand the case over to me. I haven't started listening to them yet, I'm working up to it...
My Skelly Kat at Meadow House on the windowsill. He's looks so at home there I'm thinking he may well become a permanent fixture, rather than just a Halloween decoration.

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